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Survey & Inspections - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone

UAV drone for inspections and surveys

Sometimes it is not practical or cost effective to examine or inspect tall buildings or awkward spaces, access can be dangerous or erecting scaffolding cost prohibitive, this is where the use of unmanned aerial vehicles comes in.

We are able to carry out inspections of homes and work sites with the use of our UAV drone, allowing us to inspect properties, roofs, flashings, chimneys, solar panels and much more all without leaving the ground.

Not only does using a drone remove the cost of expensive scaffolding and permits but reduces the risk of damaging fragile roof surfaces, getting you the answers you need quicker.

Our UAV drone can fly up to 150ft from base, with 30 miuntes fly time allowing even multi-story properties to be inspected or properties with difficult spans or access routes.

Contact us today for quotes on inspecting your workplace or property. Get the answers you need quicker, safer and potentially cheaper than traditional inspection methods.

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